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Firefighting Training History

The first guidance about fire protection reached Lithuanian population in the beginning of the 19th century. In 1801, 1802, in Karaliaucius, the first textbook of fire protection in the Lithuanian language called “Fire books” was published. That was the translation from German, published by the magistrate from Karaliaucius and written by G. J. Weis.

The 7th of June, 1802 could be considered as the beginning of fire fighters profession in Lithuania when city government decided to establish a fire brigade. The peculiarities of their profession firefighters were learning for a long time in their workplace from older colleagues. In Vilnius firefighters team’s statistical report there is such a line: “summer team training is held every day, winter training – two times per week.”

During the years of the First World War in Vilnius, at the time when firefighters were leaded by Domininkas Siemaska, firefighters had lectures. Only in 1924, when Lithuanian Firefighters Organizations Union (LFOU) was established, on the 1-14 of December the LFOU board in Kaunas arranged the first two weeks lasting course for firefighters, which was finished by 19 people. The leader of the course was the same D. Siemaska, one of the LFOU founders and the founder of the first periodical journal for fire fighters called “Lithuanian Firefighter” (later “Firefighter”). There were taught the following subjects: firefighting tactics, firefighting history, firefighters’ technique, firefighters’ law and order, first aid, formation and gymnastics, the course about fire horses and there were practical exercises as well.

Till 1935, in Kaunas, the course for fire team leaders took place. From 1935, in LFOU county centers 5 day course started which was not only for leaders. Such course was held till 1943. The course was financed by the LFOU, the Ministry of the Interior and Siauliai Union.

From 1940, the fire protection was reorganized by the Bolshevik model; the training of fire fighters was in accordance with the instructions from Moscow. The firefighting course had to be finished by the leaders from industry, trading companies, fire management leaders from other companies.

In 1973, there was established a Training Center of Fire Protection Board under the Ministry of the Interior. Till 1982, the Training Center was in the building of Fire Protection Board, in Svitrigaila street. The training was held in the former room of Lenin. In 1982, the Training Center was removed to a new, spacious building in Karoliniskes, former Viesulo str. (R. Jankausko str. 2). In 1973 – 1987 the Training Center was governed by Stasys Meskauskas, in 1987-1990 - by Vytas Kaziliunas.

From the 1st of August, 1990 till the 2nd of June, 1998 the chief of the center was colonel lieutenant Vytautas Aleksandravicius. After the establishment of Fire and Rescue Department under the Ministry of the Interior, the Training Center was reorganized as well. The attitude towards the practical preparation of firefighters started to change; the fire fighters got the possibility to improve their skills at foreign fire training schools. Requirements for fire fighters were increasing each year. There were assigned new functions for fire fighters as rescue fulfillment each time demanded firefighters of a higher and higher qualification.

In 1998, the Training Center was reorganized to Fire Fighters Training Center that in the same year was registered in the Ministry of Education and Science as an educational institution. From 1998 the Fire Fighters Training Center was governed by Mecislavas Griskevicius.

There are some more significant dates:

In 1998, Fire Fighters Training Curriculum was confirmed (training lasting 4 weeks).

From 1994 to 2003 lecturers' training in Swedish, Danish, German rescue schools was organized.

In 2003 the Fire Fighters Training Center was reorganised into the Fire Fighters Training School.

In 2008 a new Fire Fighters Training Curriculum was confirmed (training lasting 8 weeks)‏.

From 2008 the Fire Fighters Training School has been governed by Valdas Krulikauskas.

In 2009 a new Fire Fighters Training Curriculum was confirmed (training lasting 1 year)‏.

Fire Fighters Training School
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