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Cooperation Related Meeting in Estonia

On the 17-18th of August 2016 the Chief of the Fire Fighters’ Training School Valdas Krulikauskas visited Estonia where with the directors of Latvian and Estonian fire and rescue service training institutions the questions of already implemented actions and the ones still foreseen in 2016 were discussed. During the meeting which was held at Rescue College of Estonian Public Service Academy a lot of time was spent on discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of training systems which are applied in all the three institutions. The director of Fire Safety and Civil Protection College Ainars Pencis noticed that neighbouring countries had much better conditions for practical training. The director of Estonian Rescue College Ain Karafin shared the news about the upcoming changes concerning training process organization issues in Estonia. In the course of the meeting the plans of infrastructure development at Fire Fighters’ Training School were also presented. Sharing the common problems which are being faced by all the three partner institutions gave a good possibility to look for common solutions. Similar meetings are planned in the future as well.

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