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Practical Training for Students from Poland

On the 22-26th of August 2016 practical training for the second course students from the Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw at Fire Fighters’ Training School is being held. In Poland they are taught to become rescue service officers. Already several years in a row students from this one of the main partner institutions on close cooperation basis have been invited to participate in practical training organized in Lithuania what makes the students very happy due to a good possibility to improve their practical skills. 

There are 23 students and two teachers from Poland. During all this week the students will be familiarized with fire machinery and equipment used for training as well as the school’s Special physical and vocational training complex with a swimming pool for divers training. The guests will also have the following activities: observation of combustion processes; door opening and entrance into smoky room; use of rescue ropes when doing rescue works at a height and depth; search for victims in a smoky environment (dummy of container); rescue works in difficult conditions (limited space, great physical exertion, hurdle); car wrecking tactics; rescue works on water (swimming pool).

 On Friday there is planned Final joint exercise based on special scenario, after that conclusions and certification by the chief of the Fire Fighters’ Training School.

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