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Students Participated in Practical Exercise in Latvia

On the 2nd of June 2016 in Riga, Latvia practical exercise was held which was hosted by Fire Safety and Civil Protection College.

The general legend of the training was that there had occurred crash accident with leakage of chemical substances on the railway, the tank car was involved and there were a lot of injured people. All participating special services were involved in order to stop the leakage, to evacuate the injured and to do all the rest necessary operations. The students who participated in the exercise had the task to ensure water supply to the place of accident in case when possible to use water pond was 400 m away from the accident place. At the end of the exercise a general discussion was held when various questions related to the exercise and accident were considered, occurring problems and possible solutions were talked over.

Participation in such training is a great opportunity for exchange of knowledge and experience.

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